3CX License Upgrade Pricing

Pricing for edition upgrades apply to the latest version only. If a customer has purchased Maintenance, the new version of software must be installed and activated prior to purchasing edition upgrade. Licenses with active Maintenance and Support contracts will have pro-rate fees applied to these contracts when upgrading from one edition to another. Edition upgrades do not include version upgrades. These need to be acquired separately.

Due to MAP restrictions, prices below are MSRP. Create an account or login to view our discounted pricing!

Edition Upgrade Standard Professional  
4SC 8SC $557 $697 Buy
8SC 16SC $977 $1,257 Buy
16SC 32SC $1,747 $2,275 Buy
32SC 64SC $3,325 $4,550 Buy
64SC 128SC $5,950 $7,697 Buy
128SC 256SC $10,497 $13,997 Buy
256SC 512SC $17,850 $22,750 Buy
512SC 1024SC $30,097 $40,250 Buy

Upgrade Standard Edition to Professional Edition

Pricing below allows you to upgrade from a Standard license to a Pro License

Edition Upgrade    
4SC Std 4SC Pro $158 Buy
8SC Std 8SC Pro $318 Buy
16SC Std 16SC Pro $558 Buy
32SC Std 32SC Pro $998 Buy
64SC Std 64SC Pro $1,900 Buy
128SC Std 128SC Pro $3,400 Buy
256SC Std 256SC Pro $5,998 Buy
512SC Std 512SC Pro $10,200 Buy
1024SC Std 1024SC Pro $17,198 Buy