3CX Software Maintenance Pricing

Each new license includes one year of free maintenance. Maintenance requires correct end-user details otherwise it will not be activated. A maintenance package entitles you to free updates and free downloads of any new versions that are released. After the first year, you must purchase maintenance WITHIN 30 days of the maintenance expiry date to continue receiving these benefits. If you do not renew your maintenance and wish to upgrade to the latest version once a new version is released, you will have to buy a version upgrade.

Due to MAP restrictions, prices below are MSRP. Create an account or login to view our discounted pricing!

Maintenance - 1 Year Standard Professional  
4SC $79 $99 Buy
8SC $159 $199 Buy
16SC $279 $359 Buy
32SC $499 $650 Buy
64SC $950 $1,300 Buy
128SC $1,700 $2,199 Buy
256SC $2,999 $3,999 Buy
512SC $5,100 $6,500 Buy
1024SC $8,599 $11,500 Buy
Maintenance is available to be setup on automatic renewal. We will automatically renew your maintenance contract 45 days prior to the expiration of your contract in order to enusre that you do not loose the benefits of a continous contract.

3CX WebMeeting Server

Maintenance - 1 Year    
25 Participants $269 Buy
25 Participants $999 Buy
25 Participants $1,688 Buy
25 Participants $2,875 Buy