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3CX IP-PBX Core Features

Our partnership with 3CX allows us to bring enterprise-class features to your business of any size at an affordable cost with unlimited flexibility. 3CX can be implemented either Hosted in the Cloud or On-Premises or a combination of both to give your business the highest quality of phone service available.

Enterprise Features / Unified Communications

Enterprise class features for your small-medium business. Including Fully customizable IVR/Digital Receptionist, Call Queues, Voicemail, Chat, Video/Web Conferencing and more!

This is all in addition to the phone services that you would expect in a business phone system. All of this is included without any per-extension limitations. Licensing is based simply on the number of simultaneous calls the service will support. As your business grows upgrading your phone system is a snap.

Wold-Class Customer Service

We pickup where most Hosted PBX Services leave off. Many will make the sale and then expect you to know how to install, setup, configure and manage your PBX. We will work with you to ensure that your business has the necessary business and call routing logic necessary to maximize your new phone system.

Most of our competitors don't even mention that often the biggest impediment to setting up a hosted PBX service is the fact that the firewall presents the biggest challange. We will work with your In-House IT Person or your IT Service Company to ensure that your new phone system is setup right the first time so you don't spend all of your savings getting everything setup.

Save Money And No Vendor Lock-In

Your business could cut your telco costs by 50% or more! We will help your business leverage lost cost SIP Trunking calling rates that will enable your business to make not just local calls but inexpensive national and international calls too.

We sell Ultra-Elegant Desktop Phones that work great with our Hostes PBX offering. From easy to use high-end phones that have full color touch screens to your basic desk phones, we will provide you the right phone for your individual staff needs. From the receiptionist all the way to the CEO we have phones to meet all of your staff needs.

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Work From Anywhere

Our 3CX Virtual PBX Offering provides both PC/Mac Based Softphones and Mobile Softphone Clients as well for Android, iOS, and even Windows Phone!

No Licensing Costs for Softphones

Along with a Desk Phone or in place of them, the softphone allows you to stay connected no matter where you are. Each of your devices can be associated to the same extension so no matter where you are you are reachable.

Softphones For All Platforms

You can install the Softphone on any Windows PC or Mac. You can also install on any Android, iOS, and even now Windows Phones!

Don't Be Tied Down

With the ability to still communicate with your clients via your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or even desktop all while leaving your desk phone at your desk, you can be assuered that no matter where you go, your customers will always be able to reach you.


Hosted Service Options

Below are our basic packages. Please contact us and allow us to customize a solution that best fits your business. Prices below include 3CX Standard Software Licensing costs. You can upgrade to 3CX Pro for an additional cost or if you already have your own license you can receive a discount.

Don't know which license is best for your company? Contact us and we are happy to help you evaluate your needs!








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  • Standard or Pro License
  • 32-1024 Simultaneous Calls
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Unlimited Auto Attendant/Digital Receptionists
  • Basic Call Queuing
  • Unified Communications
  • Premium Desk Phones Available
  • BYOL Option
  • Customize Service